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[News] ***Bug Zone*** Something Needs Fix'n

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Posted on 8/7/15 9:11:21 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

This is now the official bug zone for Gods Rush.

If you post in this thread it will send a message to the moderator (me) which I will review as often as I can. I am not going to say daily because when new releases come out lots of posts are done and sometimes it creates a backlog.  However, this will allow me to slowly work through outstanding issues. 

It is highly recommended you still talk to Live Support or Submit a Ticket on the issue.

Bug Zone Submissions:
1.  IGG ID
2.  In-Game Name
3.  Platform (Android/iOS)
4.  Screenshot if issue (if applicable)
5.  Brief description of the issue
6.  Any other relevant information (Date/Time of incident)

Bug Zone Followup:
1.  Be patient with the followup :getlost:.  Sometime research needs to be done as well as a fix created.  Some fixes will come quickly while others will come with future updates.
2.  Look to see if a post has already been made on the bug/glitch .  If it has and it was resolved it will be posted in the comments for all to read.
3.  If more information is needed you will be contacted through your email or the forum message system.  No moderator or IGG employee will ever ask you for personal information (Name, Address, Phone #, Etc.).
4.  I will not delete your post as long as it does not violate the forum rules .  However, your post may be temporarily blocked by the administrative staff :ninja: if the bug poses as hazard to other players.

NOW, lets fix some of those issues.
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Posted on 8/7/15 10:48:36 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Excellent! let me begin with the first and most irritating bug there is!

1.  IGG ID: 208876394
3.  Platform (Android/iOS): Affects both
5.  Brief description of the issue: Cadmus and Medusa in the gauntlet are affected byba health bug. to explain a little more, if you reduce an opponents Cadmus or Medusa's health but lose the round, when you return with another team, both Cadmus and Medusa will have magically regenerated all their health and will start at full health. obviously this creates problems in trying to clear the gauntlet especially in the later and more rewarding stages.

similarly Hercules is affected by a regen bug. Ideally, Herc should regen only once per round, yet if you kill him once in a round and then die yourself, when you revisit the round, you need to kill Hercules twice again. in essence he has more than 2 lives going up to a larger amount if you keep losing and revisiting the same gauntlet round.

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Posted on 8/8/15 12:33:10 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

1.  IGG ID : 116512493
2.  In-Game Name : ZATLANTIS
3.  Platform (Android/iOS) : ios
4.  Screenshot if issue (if applicable) : none
5.  Brief description of the issue : Bazaar shop stop refresh for more than 3 days, had tried refresh it by gems but after that it still won't auto refresh

Posted on 8/10/15 3:20:57 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

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Posted on 8/11/15 10:51:36 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

1.  IGG ID: 202595445
2.  In-Game Name: AarH
3.  Platform (Android/iOS): Android
5.  Brief description of the issue:

Caps locks in chat. I have to press shift for every letter i do not want to be capital.
This is very annoying when chatting. By default everybody is shouting in chat.

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Posted on 8/19/15 10:17:24 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

1.  IGG ID: 203848367
3.  Android
4.  Screenshot if issue (if applicable)
5.  Brief description of the issue: 

Experience potions yielded after sweeping stages in chapters 15 and 16 are extremely low compared all other chapters with stages costing 12 and even 10 energy. Is this by design to somehow penalize us for farming the necessary level 90 item shards in these chapters, or is this a bug? I would tend to think it's the latter considering EXP earned via points or potions (when sweeping) steadily increases throughout the entire rest of the game the higher stage/chapter you get to. Please acknowledge whether this is working as intended or if it's indeed a bug and when approximately it will be addressed?

Posted on 8/29/15 12:42:00 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

1.  IGG ID: 249117956
2.  In-Game Name: VEGC
3.  Platform (Android/iOS): Android
4.  Screenshot if issue (if applicable): N/A
5.  Brief description of the issue

The critical on this game does not seem to be working. AT ALL! I have read alot of users complain about it as well and it gets annoying that something as big as this is still not fixed. I hope this gets fixed soon, thanks!

Posted on 9/1/15 7:42:39 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

1.  IGG ID: 274981676
2.  In-Game Name: FR Dmack
3.  Platform (Android/iOS): iOS
4.  Screenshot if issue (if applicable): 

5.  Brief description of the issue: "Won" in Arena, but was given a loss. Screen shot of the ending of the replay where I won (you can see the champion disappearing with the little star) but when came out of arena-still same rank, history showing as a loss. Checked the replay to see if maybe there was lag on my side and that why, but replay showed I had won.
6.  Any other relevant information (Date/Time of incident): Date- 9/1/2015 @ 6:30(ish)PM

Posted on 9/19/15 6:23:03 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

1. IGG ID: 206336515
2. In game name: Soulless Avenger
3. Platform: Android
4. No screenshot
5. Brief description of issue
While playing the Factory stage in guild I noticed that Cerberus completely freezes after a few seconds of play time.  The full line up I was using at that moment was: Athena, Helen, Leandra, Argus and Cerberus.  Now this becomes a larger issue due to the fact that Cerberus' pack unity skill has no effect on the team and therefore the damage done is significantly lower.

I just tried a line up I had been using for a while and now the same thing happened with Cerberus!  This time I used Leandra, Helen, Hecate, Argus and Cerberus.. I'm missing out on quite a few damage points there!!

Posted on 9/21/15 2:08:55 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

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