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[Chat (Android)] Would LOVE an update and info ASAP?!?

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Posted on 12/1/15 12:46:25 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I would really appreciate knowing
1. Why game is DOWN Still (?!) since 10:53 pm (since began, according to the block on game at 9:53pm "for 1 hour";)...

2. Why there is a New Gods Rush #2 when THE ORIGINAL seems to be being fully IGNORED by IGG except for same stuff, same levels for so many months that everyone i convinced to play in my family (#6!!) Are now ALL at level 90.....stuck...losing guild members daily...also losing interest Daily in playing (and spending a heretofore TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY AND time) and losing intereat in playing Daily. The Only REASON that any of us play is to attempt to get each of our Gods up to 5* and each up to level 90...well that and that i have PAID for each of us to receive our 100 gems daily that we now have 2 use each day to purchase energy, just to be able to play for a few more minutes...

Honestly i would prefer to NOT devote any more time/effort and of course my hard earned Money (×6 accts) to continue to play YOUR game, if IGG has no plans to devote any additional effort into improving and allowing players to finally level up.  

So...I would appreciate it GREATLY if someone from IGG would let US KNOW that no more time/effort will be put into G R #1, SO that long timers could then decide for themselves if this game is even worth playing once they hit level 90....

Thank you.