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[Chat (Android)] GAME IS DEAD GG IGG

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Posted on 1/24/16 4:56:50 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

When you merely mentioned you re making gr2 ppl left and abandoned gr1 by the dozen.Now you stopped updating the game which was an awesome game.Wheres the new content?Wheres new heroes?

You even killed gr2 with this raid option.Guess how many left first two days you introduced that.Stealing others hard earned shards?who was the brilliant mastermind behind this.Oh your greed?yeah figures

Igg you re only good at shooting your own leg with a shotgun.Glad i didnt spend a dime on this game.Pity those who did though :/

Posted on 1/27/16 12:38:30 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

well I still find gr1 entertaining as I have plenty of HEROES to level up still. however it would be nice to have a few new HEROES added to the line up here on gr1.

as for gr2....its on auto pilot right now just pop in and claim the daily sign in and free energy. what killed gr2...already mentioned, raid battles. I guess a communist country FORGOT that stealing is like you know a big fail for most religions. needless to say I will take no part in that as some people have spent money on the items that can be taken. so UNCOOL it is not even in the least bit funny.

thou it does seem to me that one GUILD in gr2 has a low enough moral standard that they have embraced the whole stealing feature. 90% of the attacks come from just one GUILD. go fig.....