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A free program which will be used to expand the capacity of disks is FDFORMAT. It a good older program which works in Windows or DOS 3.2 (and newer versions). It can be purchased for download on a few WinZip 20.5 Activation Code Reviews websites, sometimes within a folder called "msoft17f.zip". I found out that it wouldn't function properly in Windows XP, but worked fine when personal computer was booted with a DOS 6.22 disk. It is important to make use of the correct command line parameters when using it, make certain refer towards documentation paperwork. Using the batch (.BAT) file combined with it within the above-mentioned zip file, it formats a new normal 1.44MB three or.5" disk to 1.71MB, an almost 20% increase. In DOS six months.22 and Windows XP (after formatting it in DOS), I can fully use the disk space and access the files on the item.

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