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[Chat (Android)] Zeus spring a dissapointment

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Posted on 11/26/14 5:24:45 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Now that Pandora is in the shops I can collect shards for her! Already at 7/100!!

Now regarding Zeus' spring
Since its costs 40 gems for 1 shard. 400 gems is 10 shards. Zeus spring costs 488 gems for 3 pandora shards (A 120 gem value). An 2nd selection costs 800 gems. Thats a 20 shard value (not worth unless your getting the hero which I have yet to see happen to anyone.)

The proper amount of shards should be at least 15 as a minimum value for Zeus spring. Also, a second role should only cost say, 500 gems, Increasing by increments of 100 after every selection. This is just to make the spring useful.

Although 15 shards may be a bit much since the spring is meant to be more of a risk... maybe a better choice is 10 shards? since a person can choose to get 10 shards at a single time opposed to having to wait for the shops to sell the shards you want.

Need help? Don't worry I'm Looking! IGG ID: 200173452

Posted on 11/26/14 6:49:14 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

The odds may well be hideous, but that is their right to make it that way. I have a different issue with the Zeus Spring. When you view the Spring it has a huge banner underneath that reads "Get Shards". Upon opening the spring for the first time you get another banner about collecting hero shards. You also have the option to make your first spin for 488 and the rules tab. When you read the rules it tells you about your chances to win the heroes offered or their shards. It goes on to tell you that 6 items will be displayed and you will win one of them. Well - I decided to spin the wheel, and much to my horror was awarded 2 (count'm) - 2 wizard staffs. I could then see for that 800 more diamonds I might win x3 Hercules shards - or much more likely, x2 more useless items. 

It is a blatant rip off. Not once, anywhere - in any way, does it say you will win anything but heroes or their shards. In fact, everything they tell you about it leads you too believe that heroes or their shards are the ONLY items you will win. Only once you pay 488 diamonds for your first draw do you get you get to see that the useless item they have given you was even on the table. Now you have to pay 800 MORE diamonds for a "chance" at winning what they lead you to believe you were paying for in the first place.

I argued my case with "support" who sent me 3 basically identical, most likely automated responses telling me everything was as it should be. Only after as many exchanges did I receive a different message (most likely automated too) stating that they had done an investigation and that everything was working properly. I replied yet again, and then received the same carbon copy response I had gotten the first few times. These people are ridiculous. 

Luckily, the good folk over at google play were much understanding, and after reading the exchange and viewing my screen shots, happily returned all my money which I will NOT be spending with IGG. All I asked them for was the diamonds back in my account to use on other items in game. But this works too. 

Posted on 11/27/14 12:57:15 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

This spring is exactly as it should be - a way to lure players to spend a lot of money using addictive behaviour patterns.
Not only you get crap items, the 800 select another option is laughing at your face (someone said it doubles to 1600 after the 2nd attempt).
I am glad you did something about it, and everyone should as well.
IGG is using the common free 2 play (pay to win) tactics of luring whales (players that spend a lot cash) to spend a ton of money in short period of time.
It started with VIP 15 which cost more than my computer, continued with aphrodite spring x10 option and ended up with this rip-off spring.

players will spend money on it, regardless of what others will say.
IGG will also ignore our us unless they will start feeling it in their pockets (such as players asking for refunds).

Posted on 12/22/17 8:45:15 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I actually got a medea hero with 12 medusa shards and 2 poseidon shards using my first time