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[Chat (Android)] Gods Rush Advanced Gameplay

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Advanced Gameplay
Through the eyes of a new player, Gods Rush may seem like a simple game where activating skills is the only way to win a battle. Well we’re here to tell you that there’s so much more! Here’s an introduction to some of the advanced techniques that you may have missed.

1. Interrupts
There are two types of interrupts in Gods Rush – attacks and skills.let us talk about skill interrupts first.

Interrupting a Hero’s skill is usually the difference between losing and progressing through a Stage. A good way to determine when a skill is about to be cast is to pay attention to the opposing Hero’s animation. While both active and some passive skills like Chiron’s Stalagmite and Argus’s Landslide can interrupt Hero skills, active skills are always preferred since you can decide exactly when to cast them.

2. Skill Animations
Skill animations are big giveaways that a Hero is about to cast a skill. A common mistake made by newer players is to activate a Hero’s active skill while a passive skill gets interrupted. This is especially detrimental to Heroes like Argus, who deals a majority of his area of effect damage through passive skills. Be patient with your active skills to increase damage dealt by certain Heroes.

3. Positioning
How you position your team also plays an important part in Gods Rush. With three positions - Front, Mid, Back - an ideal setup for a team is to have a Hero in all 3 positions.Teams with Heroes only in the Front clusters together and becomes more susceptible to area of effect skills like Chiron’s Centaur.

4. Rage Management
Rage is generated from attacks, taking damage, earning kill bonuses, completing a fight, and equipment. Attacking grants a fixed percentage of rage while the amount of rage generated from getting hit depends on the amount of damage taken. Kill Bonuses reward your Heroes with 300 rage. The other methods are based on your Hero’s Rage Regen stat.

With Chiron’s role as a team’s tank, taking damage serves as a quick and reliable source of rage for him. However, not all Heroes (particularly those in the mid and back positions) have the same opportunity to build rage. In these cases, you’ll have to activate their skills at the right moment to obtain Kill Bonuses and generate rage. This also prevents other Heroes with full rage meters from stealing Kill Bonuses.

5. Attack Sequence
All Heroes possess up to 4 skills: an active skill and up to four passive skills. The skills are usually cast in a set looped sequence: basic attack -> second skill -> third skill -> basic attack. With this in mind, it’s easy to plan for fights against teams with powerful area of effect spells like Argus and Tiresias.

6. Damage Types
Damage is separated into 2 types: physical and magical. Atalanta and Tiresias are the 2 exceptions as their active skills are primarily physical and magical respectively. With this in mind, engage them against Heroes who are either fully resistant to magic or physical damage for the best effect

We hope that this guide has provided you with a deeper interest and understanding of Gods Rush!

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As you mentioned in Positioning s section of the picture below, but there is no picture attached. :(

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Thanks so much for the warm reminder. It has been amended. We really appreciate that you help us improve our forum.

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For rage, what's the number when it reaches max? For example, do I need 1000 rage to be able to do my super?

Kip it real~

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Has any higher levels with maxed gods(to their team level) started theorycrafting yet?  Preparations for future phys/dodge/str teams?  or is everyone keeping stuff to their guild.

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1. You say positioning is important - so why can't we choose our positioning? Why can't I have some control where my gods are placed? If I want to protect a god whose injured in gauntlet, why can't I adjust him from front line to mid line to protect him? So, there needs to be more involved here, give us some control.

2. It would be nice if all skills worked for all gods, I mean there was an update today and it didn't fix everything. So maybe your article was a little premature, fix all the skills so they works as intended as then let me know more. Let's play the fix the game because we play with the strategy concepts.

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Why are we allowed up to 30 friends but we cannot send our 30 friends energy daily? It seems strange to limit the number of friends if you're just going to limit the energy we can give out.

I know you just made the "all your friends get 100 diamonds" thing, but why not let me give out 30 friends some energy too?

Why you hating on my friends list?
Why you hating on providing someone with 2 extra energy (60 total for all my list)?  Seems like the iOS version has no chat, no interaction with other players that isn't scripted. So why do you have to restrict the energy to friends option?!? Its the only way to support and interact with someone in game.

You can be energy buddies!!! Kinda like thunder buddies but more video game than movie.