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[Chat (Android)] Not enough to do ingame

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Posted on 10/25/14 5:17:28 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

There's plenty to do, but like I burn through all my energy really fast and everything else aswell

Energy regen is way too slow, and is only getting slower!

I've been playing for 5 days now, and I'm level 34.

The amount of time it's taking for energy is gonna make me quit.

Hell I go to bed, and wake up and I still don't have full energy! It's just ridiculous!!

I'm not exaggerating either I played before I went to bed last night, than woke up and I was only at 72 energy..

I'm assuming it's the goal of the people who decided that was to get people to pay get more energy,but I refuse to do that for ANY game

That would be pay to win! In my opinion paying to get better stuff and further faster is cheating!

All you people that will argue about if those people weren't around there would be no game...

However you know what there could be stuff that give no advantage that could only be bought, or you could just donate if you really felt like supporting the game!

I prefer to play games by people that make them for people to enjoy playing them not something someone came up with just to make money like most of all these apps are!

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Posted on 10/25/14 5:30:38 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Please put this in the suggestions if you havent yet. I and a few others have asked for this already. I would love to see the energy reduced to maybe 3 minutes instead of 6.