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[Guide] Forum Navigation Guide

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        1. So basically this is just a simple guide to help you understand the functions of the forums and get a more clear understanding how some of the functions apply to the forum thread,post,or comment you are choosing to make.

          So lets start with 

          Chapter 1 right tab

          Over here we have 7 main functions
          1. Credits: where your amount of forum credits will be displayed. click it to review the amount of credits posts will gain.
          2. Rank: your forum rank will be displayed here. click it to review the boundries to which your forum ranking will permit you to do certain actions.
          3. Setting: no display. click to change your settings screen which ill explain further in the guide.
          4. My Messages: displays how many unread messages you have. click to display your message inbox folder.
          5. Notices: displays undread notices. click to view all the notices you have recieved.
          6. Log Out: no display. click to log out of your forum account.
          7. Digest: Displays the top 5 digest currently in the forums. click any of the below digest to review the thread containing that information.

          Chapter 2 Search Bar and Grey Tab

          Here we will explain the 8 function tabs located at the top right and the grey tab bar in the top of the forums.

          1. All: Click to display all forum tabs listed in the grey bar news,chat android,chat ios, guide, media and event.
          2. News: Click to display the most current news , usually pertains to system updates, bug reports, and general non event related announcments.
          3. Chat (Android): Click to display the postings in that section or post in it, usualy a general topic chat that can partain to anything related to gods rush.
          4. Chat (IOS): Click to display the postings for players who talk about the IOS version of gods Rush, a general off topic chat partaining to gods rush related material.
          5. Guide: This is where all Gods Rush, forum, and account related guides will be posted to help you better understand your devices and your gameplay experience with igg and gods rush.
          6. Media: Click to display the media section which will pertain to posts about certain vidoes and or images that others have uploaded to benifit the gods rush community and igg. Players are free to post and media related content about gods rush here.
          7. Event: this is where the most current events will be posted related to gods rush whether its a facebook,link,twitter,forum, or in game event you will usually find it here unless we are busy handling more important update bug requests to fix.
          8. Search Bar: displays a big Q and also the tab in which you can select which topic to search for the thread you are searching for.

          Chapter 3 Settings Page

          This chapter will help you understand the settings page to edit your forum profile.To access the settings page either click your avatar located on the right or click the settings button found under your rank and above your messages on the RIGHT.

          1. Profile: this displays your forum nickname and gender. when creating a forum account you may go here to set your original settings.
          2. Signature: Signature is a personal picture or message that will display any time you make a post or thread inside of the forums at the bottom of your post.
          3. Modify Avatar: click to display your current avatar as well as either change it to one of the pre-set ones below or you may upload your own from your device however note that it may be resized for avatar use.
          4. Others: others tab will display your last visit time,ip adress,registered ip adress,registration date,rank,statistics for replies and threads posted which you may click to display all of your own personal threads and replies.

          Chapter 4 Creating a new Thread

          In this chapter we are going to explain how to create a new thread as well as some of the basic functions to creating your new thread to get started.
          This will be a step by step proccess to help you post a thread.

          1. Click "New" above your avatar to create a new thread
          2. In the arrow tab click and select the section you would like to post your thread in. Or it will automatically select the section you are currently viewing as a pre-set place for it to post your thread to. So be careful when posting as to insure your thread is in the proper section.
          3. Title your Thread: in the empty box just to the right of the Zone your posting in is a place for you to set your Thread title.
          4. Then in the box below you may put the content to your post here.

          Inside of this box is a few editing options for you to help you better experience a fun and knowledgable way to post within the forums which I will explain here working from left to right on the functions.

          • B = Bold
          • I = italized
          • U= Underlined
          • S= Line through text
          • format text to the left
          • Center Text
          • Format Text right
          • Split text equally from left to right side
          • Font
          • Size of Font
          • Color of text
          • A- im still unsure of
          • Bullet Text
          • Numberize Text
          • Pull interior text right
          • Pull interior text left
          • Hotlink: enter the link to the url in the url spot and enter the message to display below
          • Upload Document
          • Three Lines still unsure of
          • Upload photo using url link
          • Upload photo using forum upload method
          • Expand screen out
          • blank sheet still unsure of function.

          This guide will update this week as I add in misc photos and edit some of the text to corespond with users request. Thanks for everyone's awesome support and we look forward to seing your posts within the forums and your wonderful Gods Rush action gameplay.

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Why was the 5000gem post taken down.

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