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[Guide] Guide for entering an Event via Link (Android)

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Posted on 1/19/15 5:15:00 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

From within Link app.  Basic idea is you are creating a Moment (message) in Link that tags the Gods Rush entry people.

First:  Make sure both Gods Rush and SK8 MythwarRep are in your Contacts list (even if you had to join Gods Rush II or Gods Rush III groups on Link, you need "Gods Rush" group in your Contacts list as a Friend.  You can't join the group, but you can add it as a friend.)

Second: Always "like" an Event link from the mods - but never reply in the Comments section with your answer.  That's not the right place.

Third: From the screen where you see your list of Friends, at the bottom, there are 5 options: "Nearby", "Moments", "Messages", "Contacts" and "... More".  Click the "Moments" icon.

Fourth: you should see moments from SK8 MythwarRep and other friends from your contacts list.  In the upper right corner, there is a pad with pencil icon.  Click it to create a new moment.  The screen should now have "Create Post" at the top.

Fifth: Click in the "Say something..." area of the screen.  Your keyboard should come up - plus an emoticon smiley face and an @ sign FROM THE WINDOW (not those on your keyboard).  If you don't see those, you're in the wrong place.  Click the @ button.  It will ask you to choose a friend -- choose Gods Rush (see First step above if its not in your list).  Click the @ button again.  This time choose SK8 MythwarRep.  Those are your tags you will need to officially enter.

Sixth:  Hit enter to get to a new line in the moment text.  Follow rest of instructions from Event as to what information to put in the message after your tags (i.e. answer; your IGG ID; OS version; etc).  Under "Who can see this?" you can either leave it Public or change to Friends.

Seventh:  Click "Post" in upper right to post the moment.

And that should get you entered for the Event.  Make sure you read the Event rules carefully - most will disqualify you if you post multiple times.

Good Luck!

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Moved to guides section.

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link suck in my opion

Dark Legion minion!
Posted on 2/9/15 9:42:23 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Between the begging users to download Link and wanting 'likes' on Facebook like you're a 12 year old girl, why do you even have a forum? It seems a great place to hold contests and events, but it's used more as a partial release of an event... Please check out our Facebook page for event details and be sure to like us..

What the hell, why even have a forum if you direct players elsewhere?? Stop begging for things and treat players with respect. Allow players to use forums as a means to enter all events and contest. On forums, post all information required for all events, none of this check elsewhere stuff.

The goal is to make forums a link between users and developers, not as a means to partially communicate events and beg for Facebook likes and YouTube mentions.

Be better.