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Guide Index: 
We Have Created This Index For Everyone To Navigate The Guide Section More Efficiently. TO USE ANY GUIDE SIMPLY CLICK THE LINK BELOW THE SUBJECT OF YOUR CHOICE.

1) Game Functions
Game Functions
[Video Guides] Game functions

2)Teams Information
Teams Information

3) Beginning Equipment Details
Basic Equipment Details

4) Detailed Hereos Introduction
Heroes Description List
Heroes List By Categoty

5)How To Use The Enchant Feature
Enchantment Feature 
Begginers Guide to Enchanting forum member guide yen

6) Dungeon Guide
Dungeon Guide (forum member chaos)

7) How Many Gems Needed to Upgrade VIP
Gems Needed for Vip Levels

8) Leveling Up Fast
Leveling Up Fast

9) Beginners Guide to Gold
Begginer Guide to Gold

10) Evolving & Ascending Heroes 
Evolving & Ascending Heroes Guide (Forum member:Chaos)

11) Gauntlet 
Gauntlet Guide

12) Earning and Spending Gems 
Earning & Spending Gems

13) Gods Rush Forums.
Posting & Uploading Photos

14)Guide to Migrate Your Account to A New Device.
Bought a new device?
Binding & Switching Accounts

15) Guilds
Guild Switching Guide
Guild Functions

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