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[Guide] Evolving & Ascending Heroes Guide

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Guide to Evolving and Ascending


Why Evolve?
          - Evolving your Heroes is the most effective, efficient, and simple way to increase your Heroes stats. Evolve your Heroes as soon as you can to keep up with the competition!

In order to evolve, your Hero needs to be the appropriate level to equip the items. If your Hero is not the correct level the Hero will display a + icon. This means you have the required equipment (or the items necessary to fuse the necessary items).

Level up your Hero and the sign will change to+ which means you can equip the item.

Sometimes you will need to fuse items together which costs gold. Make sure you have sufficient gold to increase your Hero's stats with items!

When you have all your items equipped, you should evolve your Hero right away! The evolve button beneath the items will start to sparkle and glow. 
Note: Gold is also required to evolve your Heroes!

Upon evolving, a page will open up stating how much your Hero's stats have increased. It will also display any new abilities your Hero receives.

Hero Rankings:

Grey  -  (The starting rank of all Heroes)
GreenGreen +1  -  (The Rank your Hero unlocks its 2nd ability)
BlueBlue +1, +2  -  (The Rank your Hero unlocks its 3rd ability)
PurplePurple +1, +2, +3, +4  -  (The Rank your Hero unlocks its 4th and final ability)
Orange  -  (The max rank a Hero can obtain)


Why Ascend?
          - Ascending a Hero is another way of significantly boosting your Hero's stats. It not only effects your current Hero's progress, but also every level your Hero receives after you have ascended.

In order to ascend your hero, you will ascendant material corresponding to the Hero you want to ascend. You can collect these shards from beating Elite Stages (Consumes 12 Energy and each stage can only be completed 3 times a day). You can also choose to purchase Hero shards from the Merchant, Gauntlet Supplies, Area 51, Arena Mall, and Bazaar.

Upon reaching the required amount of shards the Hero's ascend button will begin to sparkle and glow! In this case I have collected 20 Leandra Shards for my Leandra to ascend.

By clicking the Ascend button, all the required shards are consumed and a page pops up, displaying the stat increase my Leandra received by ascending. My Leandra also gained another Starwhich states how many times the Hero's stats have been ascended (where one star means the Hero is at its starting state). 
Note: When some Heroes are summoned, they start out with more than one star.

Now that you have mastered your tools, you can further dominate your enemies in God's Rush!

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Each hero labeled with "punch", "achilles shoes", and "magic stick". What does it means?

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I hope this becomes pinned for newbies.

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I always asked myself if evolve->ascend or ascend->evovle and lving up with pots as well as evolving before the hero is fully maxed in skills, affects the outcome of power in anyway. Because tbh it seems so. Heros like hecate ,which i own form the very begingn, have the same power lv as my new heros , which are evolved 2 stages beyond her. Probably placebo but i need clarity there. :)

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