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[Guide] Dungeon Guide

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*poster chaos**                  (Dungeon Guide)

Table of Contents:
I. The Tutorial - Basic Information Gathered
     A. Select "Battle" to enter the dungeon selection screen.
     B. Select a mission to continue.
     C. Select the arrow at the bottom-right of the scroll to continue.
     D. Select your team!
     E. Fight the waves of enemies and press the right arrow to advance!
     F. The Final Wave.
     G. The Completion Screen
II. Elite Dungeon Difficulty
     A. Selecting Elite Missions
     B. Beginning Elite Missions
     C. Completing an Elite Mission
III. Failure
     A. The Failure Screen
     B. Equipping Items
     C. Increasing Skill Levels
     D. Increase Your Team Level
IV. Extra Need to Know Information
     A. Quests
     B. Sweepers
V. Advanced Tactics
     A. Timing Ability Use
     B. Reading Your Enemy
     C. Disables and Interrupts
VI. Glossary

Tip: You can use the [ctrl + F] command (or [command + F] on a mac) to search for a specific section of the guide or key term!

I. The Tutorial - Basic Information Gathered

A. Select "Battle" to enter the dungeon selection screen.

B. Select a mission to continue.

C. Select the arrow at the bottom-right of the scroll to continue
          1. Icons
                - This page also includes boss and enemy information which can be read by clicking and
                holding onto the corresponding enemy and item icons. (Note: It is not 100% certain that
                you will receive all the loot portrayed on your first attempt.)
          2. Energy
             - Energy is consumed to attempt a mission whether you pass or fail.
                - If you do not have enough energy you will not be allowed to attempt the mission.
                - You will regenerate 1 energy every 6 minutes.
                - You can purchase 120 energy for 50 Gems by pressing the + button located next to the energy

D. Select your team!
                - Click the team members you want!
                - You can only have a maximum number of 5 Heroes in your team at any given time.

E. Fight the waves of enemies and press the arrow on the right to advance!

          1. Waves
                - There are a total of 3 waves of enemies, where the final wave is the most difficult.
                - Each set of enemies will get progressively stronger as you advance in the story.
          2. Timer
                - You are given 1:30 seconds to complete each wave of enemies.
                - If the time runs out you will lose the mission.
                - The timer stops upon defeating all enemies in the wave and will not reset until you advance
                to the next wave.
          3. Health Bar
                - The yellow bar beneath each of your Heroes' icons represents their health.
                - When this is depleted the corresponding hero will fall in battle and be unable to resume
                the fight.
          4. Rage Bar
                - Rage generates when a player deals damage, takes damage, deals the final blow on an
                enemy, or completes a wave (this can be amplified by equipping items that increase
                rage regeneration.
          5. Pause/Play Button
                - If something interrupts you from playing Gods Rush you can pause the current actions 
                by pressing the pause button!
                - You can resume where you left off by clicking the Play button!
                - Note: If you leave for too long and disconnect from the app you may still lose your progress!

F. The Final Wave
          1. Chests
                - These contain the prizes you win for completing the mission!
                - The number next to the chest icon in the top right corner contains the number of chests
                you have won so far in the mission. (Chests on the ground are not added yet)
                - You can click on the chests to find out what you won or wait for the completion screen!
          2. Proc-able Abilities
                - When the rage bar is full the corresponding Hero icon will flash, meaning you can use 
                a powerful or strategic ability by clicking on the Hero's icon! 
               (Use as often and as wisely as possible)

G. The Completion Screen
          1. Experience (notated as EXP)
                - Each Hero has an experience bar located under their icon and shows how much EXP
                they received by completing the mission.
                - The numbers to the right of the green EXP letters tells you how much EXP you gained,
                your current Team Level is located to the right of the green EXP letters.
                - Experience gained by your Team Level is a direct 1:1 ratio based off of how much
                energy the mission consumed.
          2. Gold
             - The numbers next to the coin tell you how much gold you have earned!
          3. Stats
             - See which of your Hero's was the strongest in this mission by pressing the "stats" button.
          4. Prizes
             - The items you received from the chests are shown at the bottom!

II. Elite Dungeon Difficulty
                - Your team level must be at least 11 to attempt this dungeon difficulty

A. Selecting Elite missions
          1. Missions
                - At the the top of the screen you must select the "Elite" tag instead of "Normal".
                - The missions are the same as normal difficulty but you only face the boss missions.

B. Beginning Elite Missions
          1. Energy
                - Elite stages cost 12 energy instead of the normal 6.
          2. Hero Shards
                - There is a loot chance for a hero shard in many of the elite stages!
        3. Entries
                - You can only enter an Elite stage 3 times a day.
                - Corresponding VIP levels allow you to spend gems to reset the elite mission's daily
        4. Enemy Rank
                - As you progress through Elite dungeons, the ranking of enemies becomes greater.
                - The enemies start out having ascended once already! (The enemies have 2 stars)

C. Completing an Elite Mission
          1. Rewards
                - You will gain more Gold and EXP for completing elite missions.
                - The Energy to EXP 1:1 ratio still applies.

III. Failure

A. The Failure Screen
          1. Losing
                - Not everything can be avoided but if you come across this screen there are a few ways to
                increase your power!
          2. Stats
                - See what is lacking in your team by checking the stats!

B. Equipping items
          1. Items
                - Press the green + button to equip a corresponding item you have to your Hero.
                - All items require your Hero to be a specific level to equip. (if you have an item but cannot 
                equip it, the + will be yellow) 
                - Some items require materials and need coins to be fused. Make sure you have sufficient funds!
          2. Evolve
                - When all item slots are full make sure to evolve your Hero to drastically increase its stats!
          3. Ascend
                - If you have enough shards for the corresponding Hero you should ascend it to greatly
                increase the Hero's base stats and stat multiplier.

C. Increasing Skill Levels
          1. Skills
                - Each Hero has 4 Skills.
                - The first skill is the Hero's ability you have control over.
                - The rest of the skills are achieved by evolving your Hero to a corresponding rank!
          2. Skill Points
                - It takes 5 minutes for a skill point to generate.
                - You can only have 10 skill points at a single time 
               (This cap can be increased with a high enough VIP Level)
                - You use both gold and one skill point to increase a skill's level by one, this increases
                the skill's effectiveness in battle.

D. Increase Your Team Level
          1. Revisit old missions
                - Go back and complete old missions to convert energy into EXP and level up your team level,
                allowing you to further level up your Hero's level
          2. Team and Hero Levels
                - In order to increase your Hero's levels you must increase your Team level.
                - After level 19 your Team level is equal to your maximum Hero level.

IV. Extra Need to Know Information

A. Quests
          1. Gem Rewards
                - Upon completion of the last mission of a dungeon you are given a set amount of gems!
                - Every time you complete an elite stage you are given at least 10 gems.
          2. Daily dungeon quest rewards
                - complete these quests to receive massive amounts of Team EXP and EXP potions!

B. Sweepers
          1. VIP levels
                - By signing in for the first time you will reach become VIP level 1 and receive 20 sweepers
                in a daily quest.
                - The higher your VIP level, the more sweepers you will receive.
                - You must be VIP level 4 or higher to be able to sweep multiple times with one click.
          2. Dungeon Completion
                - Another prerequisite to sweeping is the completion of the dungeon with 3 stars.
          3. Loot
                - Not only do you receive the loot you would have received by progressing normally,
                you also get a bonus reward that consists of EXP potions.
               (Amount of EXP potions increases with dungeon difficulty)

V. Advanced Tactics

A. Timing Ability Use
                - Becoming a master means paying attention to your Hero's skill rotations.
                - A hero attacks in this order: Auto Attack > 2nd Ability > 3rd Ability > Auto Attack
                - In order to capitalize on the most damage possible, make sure you do not use the
                manually activated ability while one of your Hero's attacks are in progress

B. Reading your enemy
                - Whenever a hero is about to attack, their animation gives a hint.
                - When a Hero's first ability is used, that Hero enlarges on your screen 
                (like a charge-up time)

C. Disables and Interrupts
                - While a Hero is charging their first ability you should try to interrupt it with one of
                your Hero's abilities such as Hera's knock up or Medusa's disable.

VI. Glossary
               - All definitions pertain to this guide and may not include every facet of information for 
               other parts of the game

                - A significant stat boost to the corresponding hero.
                - A single item prize for beating a mission.
                - A collection of missions where a group of Heroes must defeat monsters and other Heroes,
                  continually progressing through the story of God's Rush.
                - A value consumed by entering in missions and converted to Team EXP at a 1:1 ratio.
                - The amount of times you can try a mission in a given day.
                - An increase in stats upon a Hero's complete item set being finished.
                - A value that determines when your Hero will increase its stats or your team level will increase.
                - The most important currency in God's Rush, used to reset daily elite dungeon entries
                and obtain more energy.
                - A currency received by completing missions and can be used to fuse items and
               increase skill levels
                - Amount of hit points the corresponding Hero has before it falls in combat.
                - General term for main characters used in God's Rush.
Hero Shard
                - An item that is used for summoning a hero or ascending a hero already owned to
                increase the Hero's stats greatly.
                - A representation of a Hero or item. At various times this can be clicked to learn more
                information about it or complete a corresponding action.
                - An equip-able or consumable that aids a Hero.
                - Reward for beating a mission.
                - Three waves of monsters with a boss at the final wave. Winning results in various
                loot and gold rewards.
                - Buttons used to stop or resume the current game session.
                - The overall strength of your team.
Proc-able Ability
                - The Hero skill that the user can use on command when the rage bar is full.
                - Activities that can be completed for bonus rewards.
                - A value used to activate an extra ability when maxed on a Hero. Rage can be obtained
                by taking damage, dealing damage, getting a last hit on a monster, and defeating a wave.
                - The amount of times a hero has evolved.
                - The amount of times a hero has ascended.
Statistics (aka stats)
                - Values showing the output of damage in a given mission.
                - A set of Hero abilities.
Skill points
                - A value limiting the number of times you can rank up a skill at any given instant.
                - An item that, upon consumption, automatically completes a three star mission of the
                user's choice and rewards the corresponding loot along with bonus loot including EXP potions.
                - A group of no more than 5 Heroes who fight against the enemy monsters and Heroes. 
                - The clock that counts down the time until you fail the current mission.
VIP Level
                - Another leveling system that rewards you bonuses such as extra sweepers or daily elite
                mission resets.
                - A set of enemy monsters and/or Heroes.

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Thank you very much! Would you be kind enough to make a glossary for the items on the STATS window of a hero. I think that will help us choose the best 5 heroes for the different things we do.

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Awesome guide, but I want to ask about the "red diamond sign" in hero shard, the one that we can enlarge, is it increase the chance of getting hero shard? Thanks