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[Guide] Gauntlet guide

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Posted on 10/23/14 11:04:52 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Gauntlet Guide

First off lets just clarify what the gauntlet is: 

Gauntlet is a series of stages to defeat to gain rewards from each stage cleared. Each stage consists of a random in game player opponent to be matched against. As you advance stages will increase in difficulty and competitivness.



1) only hereos lvl 20+ may participate

2) rage and HP will always run concurrently throughout each stage.

3) once hereos die they may not be used again until the gauntlet is reset.

4) VIP lvl 8+ enjoy extra gauntlet reset entries.

5) each chests contains gold & a rare chance at a hero. If that hero is owned already it will be converted to shards.

6) credits are named as draconians which may be exchanged in the gauntlet mall for rewards.

Draconian Chests Rewards:


Certain bonus chests throughout the stages contain draconians, and they are as followed below.

Chests 3: 100 Draconians
Chest 6: 200 Draconians
Chest 9: 300 Draconians
Chest 12: 300 Draconians
Chest 15: 400 Draconians

I hope this guide has been helpful and goodluck :-)

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Posted on 10/23/14 9:53:21 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Awesome guide Congrats on becoming mod :-) 

Posted on 10/29/14 12:55:57 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Do you need multiple teams to get to 15?

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Posted on 10/29/14 11:45:29 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Everyday you get to reset Gauntlet once,

All heroes that died in battle cannot be used again until you reset your Gauntlet.
If your 5 heroes are strong enough to get to 15, then you won't need multiple teams.

Just for you to get a rough estimate I'm on my 4th day playing, and got to 11/15 with 7 heroes (4x level 30, 1x lvl 25, 2x lvl 20).
You can take out heroes that died to put in fresh level 20+ heroes to take their place in the team of 5.

Posted on 10/30/14 4:26:39 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I'd like to ask about my gountlet journey. Yestarday when I was having 10 heroes(I'm 39lvl) I reached 14th lvl so when I got Chiron today and maxed his lvl to 39, equipped him in everything I could get and improved his skills(skills of other players are also better than yesterday). In short words my army was just much stronger than yesterday.
I was very surprised when today on 7th lvl my opponent was on 46 or 47 lvl!! I put my best heroes(3star Zeus with almost maxed skills, 2stars Hecate, 2stars Atalanta, Achilles and Chryseis -1 star, all blue+1 and about 9600power) and only Zeus stayed alive but he had not much HP.
A result was only 9lvl reached and my anger... Is any algorytm in gauntlet? Yesterday my 13th lvl was with 18th lvl's heroes and today... Not much gold for improving skills...
I hope you understand me. Sorry for my English.

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Posted on 10/30/14 8:40:07 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

From what I've seen the gauntlet is suppose to pick random real players for you to play against in increasing order of difficulty. BUT I have noticed that some levels players seem out of place - with one level being difficult the next WAY easy and the next difficult again. 

It does seem like their algorithm for selecting your opponents might need to be refined in some way.

Posted on 10/30/14 11:48:51 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

The results are what I call mean,median, and mode. Then once that chart of Ranged players is layed out the system will choose a random player within that range it has chosen for that level. Ill let yall work out the details. But basically short teams. Say for stages (3-6) for example the system chooses per say range 26-35. And will select a random player within that range for you to complete. However please note that the range is not always the same. Goodluck that's all I got on this ;-)

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Posted on 10/30/14 12:07:50 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks for the update on this - that makes a whole lot more sense as to what is happening.

Just wondering if you got my message on here? I've tried messaging a few people and haven't gotten responses so I wasn't sure if it was working correctly or not.

Thanks again man!

Posted on 10/31/14 1:25:19 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi there,
Restart Gauntlet by VIP reset all stage or just resurrect fallen heroes?

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Posted on 11/3/14 6:25:29 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I've tried experimenting with a low arena score to check if the opponents are based by your arena rank. So far, this is turning to be somewhat true. I get a lot more easier battles after dropping my arena rank.

The game still pairs you up with players 3 to 6 levels higher than you in the last 5 matches. They are still "within your arena rank". Cannot be totally sure since there is no way to search for players to check who you fought in Gauntlet. Will be testing this more over course of the week.

Received my first 15/15 this way.