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[Guide] [Guide] Guild Functions

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Guild Functions Guide

Hello Gods Rushers! This is a simple guide on how to use the guild functions that are currently available. I will break everything down and use screenshots so it is easy to understand for you all.

To Join a Guild:

When scrolling to the very right of your screen you will see a guild icon. Upon selecting it, it will bring you to a new screen that looks like this:

Here you will see guilds that have level requirements that is within your level range and their slogan.
For example, if you are level 45, you will see all guilds that have level requirement of 45 and lower. If the leader increases it to level 50, you will not be able to see the guild in the Join screen. Choose the guild that you would like to join and press join, your application will be sent to the guild leader. At the bottom of the screen there is a refresh button for you to refresh until your desired guild appears.
If you happen to know the guild ID, go to the Search screen and input the ID. The guild will appear below the search bar for you to send your application.

Creating a Guild:
To create a guild select create at the top to get this screen:

Here you will be able to input your guild name, select which icon you want and pay 1000 gems for guild creation.

Once you are in a guild, you will see a screen like this:

Guild Activities:
Each member of the guild will see the 4 functions on the side like so:

Camp: coming soon

Party stage:
Party stage is very similar to the trials we do for daily quests and rewards.

It consists of 3 trials:
1.       Trial 1 (Ballroom) is opened every Monday, Thursday and Sunday.
2.       Trial 2 (School) is opened every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.
3.       Trial 3 (Factory) is opened every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Currently only 3 stages are able to be unlocked, 4th stage is coming soon. Each stage has 1 boss that the guild has to defeat. To unlock the stages, the guild has to beat the stages in order. Stage 1 -> Stage 2 -> Stage 3

When your guild beats a stage, the rewards will be sent to your in-game mail. Each beaten stage rewards you 100 Guild Bux, exp potions and purple shards.

Party Stage Rules:

Guild Mall:
Each guild has a guild mall that works similar to Arena Mall and Guantlet Mall.

This is where the saved Guild Bux will be used to purchase your shards/items. The guild mall resets on a daily basis.

Guild War: Coming Soon.

Admin Function for Members:
If your guild leader has been inactive for a certain amount of time, the member has the option to impeach which will result in the member taking over the guild. Admin function will also give the option to the member to leave guild if they wish to do so.

Admin Function for Assistants:
When a member is promoted to be an assistant, the assistant is able to assist the guild leader with applications and editing notice. Just like a regular member, the assistant also have the option to impeach and leave guild.

Admin Function for Guild Leader:
As guild leader, you have control over everything in guild like the photo down below:

Edit Notice:
When selecting edit notice a small pop up will appear and you will be able to change guild notice (for members to see) and guild slogan (for public to see).

In settings, guild leader is able to edit the guild icon, change guild types and level requirement.
There are 3 guild types:
1. Requires Approval
2.  Reject All
3.  Open to All

Level Requirements: 12, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80

Notes to remember: 
- Guild leader cannot leave guild until they elect someone as leader in their place
- Only guild leader can disband the guild

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Very detailed yet straightforward guide. Great work Yen!

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Great explanation!

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Excellent. ...

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Thanks for this, :)
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