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[Event] Which is Leandra’s House?

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Posted on 6/12/15 12:30:56 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Event Duration: June 12th - 18th EST (GMT-5)

Event Details:
1.Download and install LINK at:  http://linkmessenger.com/
2.Register and log in to LINK.
3.Add "Gods Rush" and the Moderators' accounts "sk8rdad" as your friend.
4.There are three little houses in the image. Guess which one is Leandra’s.
5.Leave a message with your answer. Remember to include your IGG ID and game version (Android/iOS). Be sure to tag the official LINK admin and Moderators @GodsRush @sk8 global media specialists.
6.After the event ends, 25 lucky players will win 300 Gems each!
7.Rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox within three days after the event ends.

Join "Which is Leandra's House?" on LINK for a chance to win 300 Gems, June 12th - 18th EST (GMT-5). For details, check the Events panel!

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