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[Event] [LINK]Gem Puzzler, Gem Winner!

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Event Duration: 
Jul 31st – Aug 7th EST (GMT -5)

Event Details:
1. Download and install LINK at: http://linkmessenger.com 
2. Register and log in to LINK.
3. Add "Gods Rush" and the Moderators' accounts "sk8rdad" as your friend.
4. Unscramble the image on the right. The image on the left is the original, so use it as a reference!
5. In your Moments, tell us the correct tile number sequence and the event text displayed in the unscrambled image. For example: 
-Sequence: 9 6 4 8  2 5 7 1
-Text: I Am A Winner!
6. Don't forget to include your IGG ID and what mobile device you're using (Android or iOS). Also, tag the official LINK admin and Moderator @Gods Rush, @sk8 global media specialist!
7. After the event ends, 5 lucky Rushers will win 500 Gems each. 
8. Rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox within three days after the event ends.

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