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[Chat (iOS)] The future of this game looks like.... Nothing

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Posted on 7/22/15 7:52:58 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

I've been playing this game since it came out on iOS. I usually can't play a cell phone game longer than a week or two but i fell in love with it, but this game has gone downhill fast. There's really no point in playing it anymore. There just isn't enough content to keep people interested and the new characters that come out basically require you to spend a rediculous amount of money to get a few shards and it's almost impossible to 5 star everyone. If you're lucky enough to get a hero from the circus you're pretty much guaranteed to not see another top prize for a VERY LONG TIME. (Granted I did get Artemis shards twice) but what's the point in playing the game anymore? There really isn't one. I'm extremely disappointed that I ever spent money on this game. It's basically come down to us to do something about it. I think EVERYONE reading this (and tell your guilds) should stop spending money until they actually do something to make this game worth playing again. It seems like all they care about is doing just enough to keep people funding so they make their money and that's it. So what happens if we stop paying? Seriously, I say we find out. Take the chance that they will actually do something with the game. Please comment your thoughts and feelings on this. Maybe if we get enough people to join this boycott they will listen!!!!!!!!

Posted on 7/22/15 9:48:56 PM | Show thread starter's posts only

Well a boycott will not work as they will just move on a make a different GAME.

Things that need to DONE:

1. Getting bugs repaired.
2. A mod here on the forum who oddly enough logs in from time to time.
3. Content (not buying 30,000 GEMS to win 10 CERBERUS SHARDS either, as that is not content nor an event)
  3a. Actual content. Things to do, just some new missions or challenges, because as it stands right now I can complete all tasks in under an hour each day. If I am not here I am not seeing content put out by IGG (advertisers). Yes I love the sale flyers on the free GEMS page, caught some good deals there.

  3b. Remember the monkey king world BOSS? That was 2 or 3 weeks where the world chat was full of actual game chat!

Short events like for a weekend to have just 1 random hero s elite STAGES with free REFRESHES.  Up to players if they want to spend the energy on the runs or not.

Any event that gives ENERGY fruit or even POINTS of energy at the end of a round. ENERGY is always running short in this game. Even with buying two rounds a day with GEMS it takes no time at all to burn off the energy.

  3c. Camp in the GUILD menu???? BEEN there since the start of guilds still coming soon.

3d. BATTLE with friends,  been mentioned before being able to borrow a friend s HERO but still a no go for now.

4. The drop out of the 80+ levels. Being a GUILD leader this one HITS hard. Lower levels have it pretty good now if you have a good team. The 80+ RANKINGS its a long slog and hard to move up at all in RANKINGS for lower level TEAMS. (Hint a breeding ground for mods and hacks). Something needs to be done here. Not sure what thou.

5.???? Add some more comments people.

Posted on 7/23/15 1:34:18 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

And they should let us sweep nightmare guntlet mode because sometimes we Barely finish it with the camp heros. and increase the drop rate of items  (there are items require 80 shards and they give us one shard sometimes for every 10 sweeps ) .
And they should add level 7 and 8 in the portal to increase the rewards and make the burgers available in the markets (with this new update I have to wait 4 or 5 days to make one hero from 80 to 90 level.
In the end I wish they can hear our voices not our wallets and make things works because we tired from this game for a  very long time.
P.S: sorry for the bad English I'm not native speaker.

Posted on 7/23/15 2:30:01 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

At first you should start leaving bad reviews. Thats more important and got more impact than not spending money.

2nd this game goes downhill, indeed. Their marketing has flaws. This game is a nothing more than a money printer for them, evidence: the ingame events, events, ingame shop, new ingame features(circus etc). Its all bout the money. A game keeps to be interesting because its challenging and most importantly REWARDING. Right now its none of both. I sweep through everygame mode and stage easily and got no chance of earning the latest released heros, as a f2p player. No challnage, no chance of reward. All this game does right now is eat your time. You make progress no matter what, easily, the thing is that you cabt skyrockte it and thus you are depended on time(daily quest, enegery, titan ruins spawn time for fruits, arena fighitng time, limited entries per day resulting in "wait for next day for further progress, if you don't wnat to wait use gems and spend money, dumbass";)

Yeah game goes downhill, we should have all left when enixus was leaving, now we wasted too much time and effort alrdy

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