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[Chat (iOS)] Chaos Theory v2.0 Recruiting!

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Posted on 10/9/15 2:06:35 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Chaos Theory is recruiting. Here's what we're about:

  • Top Guild on the iOS server
  • Clears Party Stage 4 regularly and PS 5/6 on Sundays
  • Super - friendly group of people who help each other out
  • A near-major presence in the Top 10 & Top 100 of the Arena ranking lists
  • Competitive (not taxing) Guild War team

We're looking for the following:
  • Active level 60+ players on the iOS server to join us
  • Players to achieve a realistic, achievable scores in Guild War 
  • We buy resets for Party Stages once on Sundays. We expect you to do the same and help out
  • Play Party Stages every single day, I cannot stress that point enough! Your contribution helps everybody.

We do not care which guild you were from or about your culture/sense/sensibilities/beliefs/traditions or whatever. Once you join us, you're part of the family of people spread all across the world.

Additional Requirements & Information:
  • We'd like you to have LINE as we pass on information on the group chat
  • Please search for CT Mack (mac2331) and add him if you wish to apply to the guild
  • Have fun

That pretty much sums it up! Looking forward to meeting new people!

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