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Posted on 2/22/17 3:44:39 AM | Show thread starter's posts only

Now lets walk the particular basics. First there is often a bonus scale that goes from 100pt-7500pts. Biologica Skin Care The percentages go from 3% -25% of net profit. The goal is to obtain to the top of the the bonus scale this means you can make 25% profit on all items bought in your downline. The more points and volume your teams do, the higher you start the bonus scale. Most teams teache you how to do a min: 100pts a months. Whats a point? Around its about $2.80 invested in exclusive products; the skin care, energy drinks, sports drinks, the bars, the detergent, the vitamins, Every bit of the things have exclusive rights for you to. With Partner stores 1pt=$15-18 on average.

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curtis frank